What kind of questions should I expect to answer when applying for an insurance policy?

Questions vary based on the type of insurance you’re applying for.

Mortality Policies: Your horse’s age, breed, use and value.

Liability Policies: The number of horses for each type of exposure (number boarded, number in training, number of school horses, number of students, etc.) You will usually need the receipts generated for each exposure.

Farm Policies: A list of dwellings, barns & other structures. Type of construction, age of buildings, square footage, type and age of roof. List of tractors, tack, tools and other equipment. For equipment you will need year, make, model and serial numbers (Usually not needed to obtain a quote). You will also need to provide the liability information as well. REMEMBER: If it not listed on the policy, it is not covered!

Auto Policies: A list of vehicles, VINs, limits needed, deductibles, a list of drivers & their drivers license and DOB.